Hi, I'm Brandon

software developer

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My Experience

Web Development

I specialize in full-stack development with a focus on Javascript. Some of my work includes designing intuitive React UIs, building Node.js APIs, and designing charts and dashboards for machine-generated SQL data.

Python Development

Many of my projects are written with Python. I have experience using Pytest for TDD; tkinter to work on GUIs; websockets to transfer data between clients and a server; and BeautifulSoup, requests, and multiprocessing to run web pentesting scripts.

C# Development

I'm also familiar with C# and .NET. Some of my .NET experience includes designing Human-Machine Interfaces for industrial machinery, graphically presenting real-time sensor data, and communicating with other networked applications.

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Who I am

Developer based out of Portland, Oregon

I'm a software developer with a focus on web development and security.
My strengths are in Javascript, C#, and Python; and I'm always looking to develop new skills!
Take a look at my latest projects to see what I'm working on right now!

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My Work

A few of my projects


Python / HTML / CSS / JS

Parses menus and recommends vegan substitutions

IRC Application


Client-Server application to send and receive text messages over websockets

Apache FTP Client


Client application to navigate local and remote file systems and upload/download data

Pentesting Scripts


Scripts that leverage web vulnerabilities to exfiltrate data or elevate privileges